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desire Livia chickaree seabass Mayans
Strange and Spiritual Art Roman Empresses Landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Selected Fishes of North America History, Nature, Fossils, and Other Stuff

Strange and Spiritual Art
by Jasper Burns

(All images copyrighted by the artist)

Shiva's Dream«001 desire«002 beatles«003 piano«004
grace«005 wisdom«006 pride«007 jesus«008
ardhanarisvara«009 hatred«010 lethargy«011 death«012
harmony«013 effort«014 fear«015 worm«016
priest«017 life«018 beatlesb&w«019 shaktipat«020
Shiva«021 love«022 effort«023 harmony«024
grace«025 death«026 pride«027 Ardhanarisvara«028
desire«029 wisdom«030 lethargy«031 hatred«032
vanity«033 dinoman«034 cage«035 bull«036
shaman«037 heads«038 plow«039 Lakshmi«040

desire Livia chickaree seabass Mayans
Click on the type of picture you would like to see:

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