Top: Dublin penny of Edward IV
Bottom: Dublin penny of Richard III

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Irish Hammered Pennies of
Edward IV and Richard III

by Jasper Burns

An illustrated guide to the known Irish hammered pennies minted under the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III. Numerous unlisted types are described. This book includes a quick index to coin markings, a detailed chronology, and over 100 illustrations, including photographs of 56 different issues.

“I consider that you have individually tackled a task that most collectors of Irish coins have avoided or been unable to tackle. And the key to this was your identifying that many of these coins were languishing unidentified as English coins, and this combined with the development of the internet coin market ... has meant that you have been able to assemble a lot of examples and have been able to start identifying them by the portraits and styles so that pieces with virtually no legends can now be properly identified as Irish.”

- John Stafford-Langan

"[The author is] to be congratulated for [his] in-depth and scholarly study and especially for [his] 'courage' in tackling what I consider is probably the most difficult and complex group of coins in the Irish series...  I believe [the] book will give many collectors the confidence to try and identify these coins themselves, recognising distinguishing features and adding to their collections coins that they might not have previously
acquired due to a lack of confidence and detailed understanding of this series... an excellent book which makes an outstanding and important contribution to the study of Irish numismatics."

- Edward Colgan, author of "For Want of Good Money: The Story of Ireland's

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S&H $5 US and $10 US elsewhere.

Reader Comments:

"It is great work ... a well-done, professional and very helpful book on a
confusing series."

"...extremely useful - high time someone tackled these tricky little coins.  Well done!"

"...very good reference..."

"...I like the size of the illustrations..."

"A1 - lots of new information."

"Congratulations on publishing this very useful guide."

"Great little book, long overdue."

"The book is a great reference."

"Great value..."


This book will pay for itself by enabling the reader to identify improperly or unattributed specimens.

Includes 14 issues not listed in the major references (SCBC, Coincraft, Dowle and Finn).


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Some Find Spots for Anglo-Irish Pennies Of Edward IV
(reference numbers refer to the book described above)

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