By Jasper Burns

An illustrated collection of musings about fossils and fossil collecting.
From the author of ...

Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States
(Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991)

Exploring Fossils
(Virginia Museum of Natural History, 1998)

Trilobites: Common Trilobites of North America
(NatureGuide Books, 1999)

and the illustrator of

Discovering Fossils
by Frank A. Garcia and Donald S. Miller
(Stackpole Books, 1998)

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Reader's comments

Share these dreams. Then go find them in the rocks." "You have gone on trips with Jasper Burns before. He's shown you the trilobite torqued by West Virgnia limestone or splintered in Pennsylvania shale. You've walked with him scanning for sharks teeth along the Chesapeake and Potomac shores.

"In Fossil Dreams, Mr. Burns takes you on a new journey. You're not quite sure as he explains the mystery of this new tour, this new way of looking at things. But his pictures of fossils are familiar and reassuring. They are what you've discovered in the rocks before and what you hold your hope of discovering next time out.

"You find yourself in the ancient seas, at the dawn of time. You find yourself at play with creatures that fill those long away places. You are lost in the wonder of this creation. You are humbled as a creature in that creation.

"That wonder carries you through sun-baked days in the shale pit in search of the perfect brach ... and through the icy chill as you wade in January waves in search for the evasive meg tooth.

"And Mr. Burns is right. It's not just about what you find, the collection you are building. It's about what you might find. It's about the hunt. It's about the anticipation. About fulfilling a part of your own ... fossil dream."
(Kevin Milligan, "5 Stars"


"Wonderful book!"


Copyright by Jasper Burns 2007
ISBN 0-9785495-3-4
104 pages

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