Have you written a book but just can’t find the time to put it all together? Or don’t know how to bring it to press without finding a publisher or paying for a large print run?

Perhaps it’s a cookbook, book of poetry, family history, memoir – or even the great American novel?

We can do what you don't have time to do.

Give us your handwritten, typed, or digital content and we’ll turn it into a polished manuscript or press-ready digital files. We can do cover design, illustration, page layout, text transcription, and digital manuscript preparation using state-of-the-art desktop publishing programs.

We are not a book publisher. But we can get your book ready for publication – and even arrange printing for you if you decide to self-publish. On-demand printing technology means you don’t have to invest large sums of money in more books than you could ever sell or give away. 

Print just as many books as you need - as you need them - for sale or as gifts to friends and relatives.

So what do we charge?  That depends on the size and complexity of your book and the state of your materials. All text and images will need to be digitized, so digital content will take much less time to prepare than handwritten pages and a shoebox full of photos.  But whatever shape your masterpiece is in, it might cost a lot less than you think to get it out there.

We have written, designed, edited, illustrated, and published history, poetry, fiction, reference, medical, and picture books. 

Give us a call today (540.221.4142). Let's talk about your project.

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Samples of our work (click on covers for "Inside the Book" features).

Fossil Dreams
Vipsania: A Roman Odyssey
Selected Lives
Irish Hammered Pennies

Sample illustrations for various publications by THE BOOKSMITH.

Sample books designed for clients... memoirs, poetry, novels, textbooks:

See inside a medical textbook designed, edited, and illustrated by THE BOOKSMITH.



Vipsania: A Roman Odyssey Fossil Dreams Selected Lives The Cold Coasts: A Cold War Caper in the High Arctic Trilobites: Common Trilobites of North America